Are you looking to sell your home or if your home isn’t selling or getting the attention and viewings that you might have expected – do you know what’s preventing your house from selling? If you ask most estate agents why a property isn’t selling, they will almost always cite too high an asking price as the main cause. But that isn’t always true.

In fact, after having sold many properties that have previously been slow to sell, we know that how a property is presented and marketed can have a huge impact on whether or not a house sells. A house professionally dressed to sell, supported by intensive marketing – photography, brochure, written description and promotion strategy – will significantly increase your chances of attracting a buyer.

Can we do better together?

We offer a bespoke property sales and marketing service based out of Salisbury and we have teamed up with other local specialists to help you to present your property with maximum appeal. Together we are running a unique one hour free session at the Salisbury Rugby Club on 13th January 2018 at 10am and this is your invitation to attend.

We have teamed up with A Box of Tricks (Interior Designer), Light My Space (Lighting Design Specialist), Salisbury Carpet Company (leading Flooring Specialist), mortgage and other specialists and ourselves, to bring together a unique opportunity, crammed with ideas to get your property sold quickly in the New Year.

So here’s the deal. Simply go to Eventbrite at, to register for this event or call us on 01722 444597 now.

  • Learn the simple things that we and you can do to get viewers to your home & loving it!
  • Think like your buyer- to help sell your home you need to get in the mindset of your potential buyers
  • First impressions count hugely when selling your home. Potential buyers will often drive buy a house first before viewing. Boost your kerb appeal as much as you can
  • Putting in a bit of effort to make your home light, bright and airy can really help you to sell quicker.

If you have any questions call my personal mobile now on 01722 444706 or email me at